The Project:
#voltaportuga = #comebackportuga
Hello, my name is Daniel a.k.a. Portuga, a Brazilian creative who has been working in art direction, advertising and digital design, since 1998. After 6 years living in UK and Singapore, it's time to go back home. This project is more than a portfolio, it's a compilation of my experiences, learnings and thoughts. Let’s Smile!

PS: This website was created in Portuguese as the main focus is the Brazilian market.

The Content:
Home Page (check icon):
A general overview of my experience in the last 6 years living in overseas (6 agencies, 59 clients, 16 markets, 7 rules, 32 awards, 312 new friends, a million feelings of missing my family and old friends in Brazil).

Work Hard, Play Hard (card icon):
The 6 most interesting projects (Fiat/India, Citibank/Singapore, Cartoon Network/London, Mars/London, Bio/London and MetLife/China, Hong Kong and Singapore).

Europe, Asia and a continent of your choice (flag icon):
In 6 years I've collected 59 clients (Boomerang TV, Cartoon Network, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Fiat, Hyundai, NHS, Mars, Mc Laren, MetLife, Moët Henessy, Philips, SingTel, Skype, Uniliver, etc) )in more than 13 countries across the globe including Brazil, UK and Singapore. Use the arrows, play with the tanks and have fun!

Six life lessons (cloud icon):
When we are alone, it's a good time to learn about ourselves.
Lesson 1) A smile is understood in any culture.
Lesson 2) Time and distance don't separate true friends.
Lesson 3) We have 2 ears and 1 mouth, so listen more and talk less.
Lesson 4) A friend to toast is more important than a shoulder to cry on.
Lesson 5) Comfort Zone is for average people.
Lesson 6) Home is not a place, it is your family.

Six songs that made part of my journey (note icon):
Turn on your speakers or headphones and enjoy! OK, maybe you don't like these kind of music! It's fine! :)

Thank you page (letter icon):
Knowing other cultures and people, feeling totally different colors and scents was definitely an unforgettable experience. I grew up. It was f$@%ing amazing, and it will be much more, now, back to my country, gas-filled for all new opportunities to come. Thank you so much for learning a little bit about my work and my humble story.

Video page (speach balloon icon):
With a GoPro in the head, I recorded my last journey, 32 hours, from Changi Airport in Singapore, with a stop in Dubai Airport to Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil. And the most important thing, the welcoming smile from my Mom, Dad, Grampa, Sister and Brother in Law.

Special Features:
- Responsive website
- Onepage website
- HTML 5 + JQuery
- Game Play
- Music Player
- Spotify Playlist
- Optmized for Apple devices